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Advent Week One

Rediscovering Hope in Our Uncertainties. The first Sunday of Advent signifies the hope people felt in their hearts for the promised Messiah to lead them out of dark and hard times. We all have one of those days, weeks, or years. As we begin this season of Advent, we will spend the next seven days rediscovering the hope in our hearts that Jesus continues to bring to our world. In addition to the daily devotions, take time this week to light the first candle in your Ad- vent wreath. (See Introduction for instructions.) Remember all that is fulfilled in Jesus, express your desires for this season, and place your hope in the light of the world, who was born a baby in Bethlehem and who is coming again.


Advent Week Two

Rediscovering Peace in Our Struggles. The second Sunday of Advent signifies peace and reminds us that Jesus came to bring peace and God’s favor to humanity. We will spend the next seven days during this week of Advent concentrating on and rediscovering God’s peace. In addition to the daily devotions, take time this week to light the second candle in your Advent wreath. In a world that seems to be filled with anxiety, conflict, and uncertainty more than peace, allow God to be your peace. Whatever circumstances you are facing, let the peace of Christ be your comfort, rest, and refuge.


Advent Week Three

Rediscovering Joy in Our Discouragements. The third Sunday of Advent signifies joy and reminds us of the angel’s good news told to the shepherds. These daily devotions will lead you on a rediscovery of joy over the next seven days. Take time this week to light the third candle in your Advent wreath as well. Imagine yourself on the hillside where the joyous announcement was made by a sky-full of angels. Joy is possible even in the midst of hardship and discouragement. As you watch for joy in the world around you during this season, surrender the pain and fear in your life and ask God to fill you with the gift of His joy.


Advent Week Four

Rediscovering Love in Our Differences. The fourth Sunday of Advent signifies love and reminds us that Jesus was sent to us because of God’s great love for us. For the next seven days we will rediscover and experience God’s amazing love. Along with the daily devotions, take time this week to light the fourth candle in your Advent wreath. Let this reality be your focus this week no matter what else you are going through: Jesus is God’s love embodied in our world and infused into our lives to heal us and draw us together. Experience the depth of His love and allow that love to overflow to others in grace and unity. Let love fill your days and nights as Christmas draws close!


Christmas Eve

Friday, December 24th

   3:30 PM - Family Worship in Church Sanctuary

   5:30 PM - Contemporary Worship in Fellowship Hall

   5:30 PM - Traditional Worship in Church Sanctuary

 10:30 PM - Traditional Worship in Church Sanctuary

The fifth and final candle of Advent represents Jesus Christ. This candle signifies the ultimate reason for our Christmas journey—the baby Jesus, God’s only Son, the Savior of the world. Jesus is truly the reason for and the meaning of Christmas, and He is the source of all the gifts we’ve discovered on this Advent journey—hope, love, joy, and peace. Celebrate the birth of Jesus! The waiting is almost over; the Messiah is coming. And even as we celebrate His arrival in our world, our anticipation grows—and we continue to live with longing and expectation for His second coming when His work will be complete and all the earth will be restored. Yet even now on the eve of Jesus’s birth, we rejoice. Christ has come! He will come again!